Harrington ordinary with hub brake

This bicycle with a strange 'hub brake' turned up late 2016. First at auction in the UK, then at Yesterdays, a specialized motorcycle shop in the Netherlands. 
We found out what it was: a Harrington with (indeed!) the remains of a hub brake.

It seems like in the museum of Petersfield (UK) is another Harrington with this brake, in far better condition.
If anyone would be so kind to make pictures for me?
Until then, we can only look at this bicycle.
Partly orginal, some new parts, a lot of rough welding and black paint on the frame....

The brake is superb, wonder if it works!
Push the thumb-knobs at the handlebar, the power is doubled by levers fixed at the pant guard, long cables pull small chains, with leather straps around a brass hub.  Wonderful construction!

The pictures of Yesterdays:  LINK

More information about John Harrington and his patents, including the hub brake and the 'Arab'-saddle: LINK
Here's the first picture I made, click it to see a lot more: